Effective time-off management at your fingertips

Simple, yet powerful HR tool for streamlining small and medium-sized enterprises' time-off management. Focus on your business, not managing time off.

Save valuable time

  • Single-click validation

    kiwiHR allows your employees to submit or approve time-off requests in seconds. The validation takes only one click.

  • Insightful company dashboard

    The kiwiHR dashboard instantly shows paid time-off balances, awaiting requests from employees and who are out of the office on the current day.

Keep everyone on the same page

  • Simple vacation planner

    The integrated calendar shows the whole team’s vacation, making it easy to avoid staff shortages.

  • Time-off overview

    kiwiHR will do the math for you and automatically update employee time-off balances. Your staff can go online at any time to check their remaining time-off available and usage history.

Effortless configuration

  • Flexible and adaptable

    kiwiHR allows you to set up policies and customize which employees are entitled to each time-off type you may add. Vacation, training, home office or other, you name it.

  • Public holidays

    Managing staff on multiple locations simultaneously is now possible. Statutory public holidays can be set up based on your company's location. These are taken into account when processing time-off requests or working with the calendar.

One tool, limitless value.

Benefit from the numerous smart features offered by kiwiHR, that enable you to streamline HR processes. Start digitalizing your HR tasks, save valuable time and resources and keep your employees happy and motivated.

Workweek customisation
Custom time-off types
Time-off requests history
Flexible time-off policies
Daily absence reports
Time-off dashboard
Approval delegation
Holiday planning
Effortless public holidays setup
Vacation and sick leave tracking
Time-off accruals
Single click approvals

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  • Save time

    Reduce workload, save hundreds of hours every year by using smart HR software to manage your business.

  • Reduce costs

    Eliminate paperwork, and save thousands by simplifying the internal process and empowering your employees.

  • Engage employees

    Whether on mobile or desktop. Your employees will love using our simple and intuitive user interface.

  • 30-day free trial
  • All features included
  • No credit card required

Strengthen your business with kiwiHR

Allow your company to benefit from kiwiHR’s features in just a single centralized system. Making the switch to online time-off management will make your HR management more effective thanks to streamlining processes and improved intra-company communications. Consider kiwiHR an additional human resources staff member, who assumes responsibility for some administrative tasks and simplifies the communications between your human resources management and your workforce.

Use kiwiHR to instantly depict your corporate structure by compiling your company’s own time off policies and by consolidating all staff members who share the same contractual clauses.

The sky is the limit as far as your creativity is concerned. Keep an overview of which employees have e.g. full-time or half-day contracts; which employees are student interns or work full-time yet primarily from home or for instance are part of your field sales force.

The time-off policies also specify how many days off an employee is generally entitled to. As a result, neither the team members nor their supervisors ever lose track of their available time-off contingents. Requests for time off and other types of absences can be submitted by employees from all end devices in just a few seconds. The respective executive can respond just as quickly, by simply pushing one button. This results in an immense simplification of the time off management process.

The calendar functions helps employees keep an overview of their own requests and simultaneously lets them know the absence times of other team colleagues or whether Anyone is out of office that day. This system also helps avert potential staff shortages.

kiwiHR is a fully online software and does not require installation or a complex set-up. This online HR software is instantly ready for use and setting up your company takes just a few simple steps. The operation of the user-friendly interface is intuitive – an attribute your employees will appreciate and which greatly improves the acceptance level of kiwiHR. Do not miss the opportunity to increase your time off management's efficiency and start enjoying the benefits digitalization has in store for you and your company. Take advantage of our 30-day free trial of kiwiHR and sign up today in order to optimize your human resource management with kiwiHR.

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