Time off management

Managing time off can feel like holiday

Take a break from managing annual leave and getting frustrated over avoidable mistakes or dealing with archaic processes. kiwiHR automatically calculates holiday entitlements and leave balances for you.

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60,000 days off granted using kiwiHR

3 signs you need to upgrade your time off management

Working out leave balances manually using spreadsheets is too time consuming to be effective. In the age of automation, overloading your workload with manual time off management processes is unnecessary.

You are trapped in outdated processes

Working with outdated spreadsheets, searching for emails, sticky notes or paper leave requests is overwhelming. But you’re not alone. In fact, 78% of HR managers feel stressed.

You are missing a full-time HR admin

70% of small businesses delegate HR admin to line managers even when most of them don't have experience in HR. As a result, job satisfaction and retention decrease.

You are wasting time fixing mistakes

Scattering information everywhere makes things easy to forget and hard to find. Mistakes are only a matter of time. Invest your time in preventing mistakes, not fixing them.

A delightful way to manage time off error-free

Save countless hours of work and prevent human error with kiwiHR. Take leave requests out of email threads and manual spreadsheets and start managing time off instantly.

Effortless single-click validations

Reduce lengthy time off processes and save time with single click leave requests and approvals.

Access time off records in 7 seconds

Get rid of unnecessary clutter and filter all employees' time off records by month or year.

Insightful company dashboard

Find all important information in one place. See current leave balances, awaiting requests and who's out of office at a glance.

Flexible and reliable annual leave policies

Set up time off policies once and the rest will follow. Guarantee accurate leave balances, allowances, and types of leave per employee.

Why effective time off management is now a relief

Free up your agenda by scratching off leave administration from your daily tasks. With kiwiHR you’ll ensure employees' time off records are always accurate and up to date.

Improve payroll accuracy

Digital time tracking can lead to 85% increase in payroll accuracy. kiwiHR takes care of deducting time off taken by employees for you. Simply export timesheets and send them to your accountant.

Work hassle-free

Set up local public holidays in seconds and ease up your holiday planning. Our automated system tracks and syncs with your company calendar. Multiple locations? No problem!

Save valuable time and money

kiwiHR will take the workload off your shoulders so you can focus on your business. Benefit from self-service and approval delegation and reduce costs with smart HR software.

Holiday planning is so easy with kiwiHR

Take a break from time off

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Powerful features to help you streamline HR tasks

HR admin activities can be really time consuming, up to a staggering 700 hours annually. Having an automated system saves you time and gives you a competitive advantage. Start now and make a difference!

  • Custom types of time off
  • Time off requests history
  • Approval delegation
  • Daily absence reports
  • Annual leave accruals
  • Effortless public holidays setup
  • Flexible annual leave policies
  • Time off dashboard
  • Holiday and sick leave tracker

More time-saving features from kiwiHR:

Insightful company resources

Consolidate important information

Transparent time tracking

Track hours and overtime in just seconds

Digital employee records

All personnel data in one place

The ready-to-use excel staff holiday planner for 2020

The staff holiday planner 2019 excel gives your employees a clear and time-saving leave planner. Avoid employee shortages and use the kiwiHR holiday planner 2019.

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Streamline your time off management with kiwiHR

Allow your company to benefit from kiwiHR’s features in just a single centralised system. Making the switch to online time off management will make your HR management more effective thanks to streamlining processes and improved communications companywide. Consider kiwiHR an additional human resources staff member, who assumes responsibility for some administrative tasks and simplifies the communications between your human resources management and your workforce, even if it's growing.

The sky is the limit as far as your creativity is concerned. Keep an overview of which employees have e.g. full-time or part-time contracts; which employees are student workers or work from home or for instance are part of your outside salesforce. Employees can use Employee Self-Service to save personal information in their digital personnel file and update it at any time

The annual leave entitlements specify how many days off an employee is generally entitled to. Decide whether annual leave entitlement is accrued at the end of the month or at the beginning of the year. As a result, neither the team members nor their supervisors ever lose track of their remaining annual leave. Leave requests for holidays and other types of leave can be submitted by employees from all end devices in just a few seconds. The respective administrator can respond just as quickly, by simply pushing one button. This results in an immense simplification of the time off management process. Moreover, the leave administrator can easily visualise employees' time off records and filter by month or year.

Efficient human resources thanks to kiwiHR

Instantly visualise your corporate structure in the company overview section by clearly assigning roles and levels among your employees. Thanks to the integrated document management system, you can manage documents in the cloud, and be able to access them 24/7 from wherever you are without compromising your company's safety.

The calendar function helps employees to keep an overview of their own requests and simultaneously lets them know the absence times of other team colleagues or whether anyone is out of office that day. Using the staff holiday planner also helps prevent potential staff shortages. The smart calendar includes regional and national public holidays and takes them into account automatically. The public holidays are allocated based on each user’s location.

With transparent time tracking, your employees will be able to record their worked hours in just a few seconds. An automatic overtime calculation will replace obsolete and confusing Excel annual leave planners and provides up to date information available any time and from any device. Take into consideration that the ECJ ruling on working hours (2019) makes providing time tracking mandatory for employers. At the same time, the automatic overtime calculator can help you implement time off in lieu. Total worked hours, overtime and other information can be easily downloaded by managers in the form of HR reports and used to make data-driven decisions.

Welcome new employees and set them up for success with onboarding checklists. Integrate new hires into the company smoothly and enable a productive start from day one by clearly assigning responsibilities with checklists. Save time defining repetitive internal company processes thanks to the kiwiHR's onboarding checklist template, which you can save for future reference and modify as needed. You can also use the kiwiHR's offboarding checklist to prepare smooth employee exits.

Boost your HR management

kiwiHR is a fully online software and does not require installation or complex setup. This online HR software is instantly ready for use and setup takes only a few minutes. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive – an attribute your employees will appreciate and which greatly shortens the time to get familiar with kiwiHR.  Do not miss the opportunity to increase your time off management's efficiency and start enjoying the benefits digitalisation has in store for you and your company. Take advantage of our 14 day free trial of kiwiHR or schedule an online demo with one of our product experts. Sign up today in order to optimise your human resource management with kiwiHR.