Exit interview questions

Exit interview questions template

When conducting exit interviews, it's essential to ask the right questions. By asking these interview exit questions, you'll get valuable feedback from outgoing employees and prevent future exits.

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Why you should conduct exit interviews:

The goal of an employee exit interview is to find the reason behind the employee's decision to leave the company. Conducting exit interviews helps prevent future exits by using and applying the honest feedback given during the interview. The ultimate goal should be to enhance the overall employee experience in a way that leads to an increase in employee retention.

An exit interview also gives companies the opportunity to find out how the employees feel and learn about what is being done well and what can be done better. Asking questions like if the job description matched the responsibilities, if there was a positive relationship with team members or simply asking what encouraged them to start looking for another job will allow you to understand why employees leave and make adjustments. Perhaps you find the main reason behind the departure can be easily fixed. This will help companies to enhance their company culture and be more appealing for potential future team members.

What's included on the exit interview questions template:

  • Knowledge transfer questions
  • Reasons for leaving
  • Employee experience
  • Work environment
  • Management style
  • Company feedback

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