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Smooth pay runs, thorough reviews, and timely payroll data

With this product update, you'll eliminate chaos and mistakes from payroll. Communication between HR and accountants just got better. Find out why.

1. Smooth pay runs  💵

All the data required for payroll can be added with the help of pay runs. Define your monthly pay period, payday and a reviewer to ensure a smooth payroll flow.

2. Ensure everyone is paid ✅

In the next step, you can assign your employees to the selected pay run so you don't miss anyone.

3. Error-free pay runs with reviews 🔎

kiwiHR will notify the reviewer of the pay run 3 days before payday. By reviewing data for the pay period well in advance, there will be less room for mistakes.

4. Get payroll ready on time 💸

After all previous steps are done, you can close pay runs and get payroll ready on time. After closing pay runs, employees will be notified upon new paysheets and it will no longer be possible to change pay run details. Watch out! Closing pay run before pay period end may result in incomplete employee records.

That's all for now! We have some exciting features just around the corner. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

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