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Manage break regulations, increase security with 2FA, filter expenses, sync calendar, and more!

Ensure that employees adhere to their break times and enhance security for users with two-factor authentication. Check our product update for these new features and others.

Set break regulations individually

With our new feature, you can quickly and easily ensure and check that employees adhere to their break times. If employees do not adhere to the legally required break times, a warning is displayed on the corresponding timesheet.

Available in kiwiHR Plus


Even more security for your user accounts thanks to two-factor authentication

Even more security for their user accounts. 
By enabling two-factor authentication, a 6-digit code is also sent to the user's email address and queried when logging in to a new device.

Filter expenses clearly and export them with one click

From now on, expenses can be filtered based on various criteria and additionally exported in the form of a CSV file. Reimbursement of expenses, or further use of this data for internal purposes will be even easier with our new feature.

Available in kiwiHR Plus

Help at the press of a button

Our new user manual contains answers to several questions and helps you immediately if you get stuck with the configuration. So-called "breadcrumbs" facilitate orientation in the tool.


Improved calendar synchronisation

Choose which team you want to synchronize from your kiwiHR calendar to your external calendar.

Your company logo in kiwiHR

Personalize your account by uploading your logo.

Available in kiwiHR Plus

Check out the additional features of kiwiHR Plus to make the most of your HR solution!

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