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Time Tracking 2.0 (Part 1/2)

The second and improved version of kiwiHR's Time & Attendance offers companies even more possibilities to accurately record working hours and overtime.

The first part of time tracking 2.0 has come to life. Enhancements will be added gradually in the upcoming weeks until version 2 is completely released. As a first step, the following additions were included:

  • A new time tracking and attendance view
  • Multiple work balances' views
  • New absence/attendance settings

Time tracking makeover

Time tracking just got a brand new look. The employee can add multiple time entries per day while keeping an eye on the workweek. A summary provides additional information about recorded and remaining working time.


Statements include daily, weekly or monthly balances' view. Working time is displayed in a detailed breakdown. Check it out by clicking on Attendance -> Statements


Types of absence considered as working time, such as "home office" can be set as "not absent". You can add this rule under Time off -> Policies. Then edit the "Time off types" under the appropriate scheme.

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