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Remote work support, time and attendance on mobile and sneak peek

In this update, we introduce Remote as a time off type to streamline work from home support and attendance records access on mobile devices. Additionally, we have improved accrual allowance setting, enhanced break autofill, and made submitting time off requests even easier.

Access attendance records on the go

In this update, we introduce access to attendance records on mobile devices. This allows you to access your own attendance timesheets and statements as well as to add time entries using your mobile.


A better way to manage remote work

We took some time to introduce a dedicated Remote time off type to make managing remote easier. From now on, admins can enable it by going to time off types list under time off policies.

Simpler way to submit time off request ✨

We have made it simpler to submit time off requests. You can now simply hover over any time off balance and ➕  icon will appear. Click it in order to open time off request form.

Accrual allowance decimal value

We have added support for decimal accrual allowance values in time off policy rules. From now on, you can set type allowance to e.g. 25.56 days yearly.

Improved break autofill

We have enhanced break tracking in the workweek hours setup. From now on, you can define exact time when break starts and ends, the time range will be used to autofill break times.

Did you know?

With kiwiHR you can create reusable checklist templates for recurring checklists and procedures. Simply go to Checklists page and open Templates section. There, you can create new checklist templates and access the ones we have created for you.

Sneak peek 👀

That's all for now! We have some exciting features just around a corner, stay tuned for more updates coming soon. As always, we'd love to hear from you if you have any feedback or ideas for kiwiHR. You can also check our ideas public board here.


Say hello to kiwiHR Plus! 👋

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