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Employee notes support, overtime statement and new time off rules

In this update, we introduce employee notes to give you a way to store private notes about employees in their profile. Company overtime statement and improved balance page will help you stay on top of employees' overtime balances. Additionally, we have added new time off type rules to manage usage limits and time off days. Last, but not least; from now on any user can set their account language.

Employee profile notes

We introduced employee profile notes, where you can store confidential notes attached to employee's profile, meaning they are only be visible to account admins and owners.

Company overtime statement

From now on, you can review employees' overtime balances in one place by accessing Overtime statement in the Attendance tab. This functionality is available on kiwiHR Plus.

Weekly time off usage limit

We added a support for weekly usage limit in the time off policy rules. With this new feature, you can enable this setting for any time off type and define a weekly usage limit. Employees will be warned when a request exceeds the limit. It's especially helpful when you are setting up time off rules for remote or work from home allowances.

Time off deduction days

In this update, we added support for deduction mode in time off policy rules. This functionality enables you to select which days of the week should be considered as time off days when calculating employee's request used days. It's especially helpful when employees aren’t assigned to a work schedule.

User language

We have introduced a way to manage your user account language. From now on, any employee can set their preferred language by selecting it on their account page.

Improved overtime balance details

We took some time to refine overtime balance details. We improved the listing of overtime balance changes and added brief information about overtime rules that affect calculations.

Did you know?

With kiwiHR you can keep up with time off records and company events by syncing kiwiHR calendar with your preferred calendar service. Simply go to calendar page and open export page. There, you can customize your calendar sync and grab feed link to subscribe in Google Calendar, Outlook or Apple calendar.

Sneak peek  👀

That's all for now! We have some exciting features just around the corner. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon. As always, we'd love to hear from you if you have any feedback or ideas for kiwiHR. You can also check our ideas public board here.

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